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The Nissan Armada Wows With Style And Substance In 2019.

The 2019 Nissan Armada is a highly versatile mover with style. Targeting customers who need to move 6 to 8 people at a time (or very big dogs), the Armada was designed for transport and comfort. And, of course, the Armada has to have a V8 to move everything easily and without any effort.

The 2019 Armada comes in four trim packages. The basic vehicle, in SV, is a simple people-mover while the top of the line Platinum Reserve is likely going to be a favorite of limo companies and celebrities, as well as for those who want to pretend to be either.

The engine package is a powerhouse. Built with a 5.6 liter block, the 2019 Armada puts out a tremendous 390 horsepower. And as an automatic, anyone can control this machine, towing the family, the boat, the soccer team, or the office mates to a conference. The 7-speed transmission makes the engine roll so smooth, a cranky newborn baby will likely sleep like a dream inside while riding down the highway (hint for moms and dads dealing with colic in a newborn).

And if you really do need to tow, there won’t be a problem doing so. The Armada coming to the market is able to move 8,500 pounds without strain (the engine block generates 394 lb-ft of torque), easily relocating your camper whenever you feel like getting out to the woods for a break.

Aside from the strength, however, the 2019 Armada practically sells itself inside. The vehicle has two rows for the front and a third entirely dedicated for the kids in the back. Cargo room is plenty, yet when the two back rows are flattened it expands to a whopping 95 cubic feet. Up front the 8-inch touchscreen makes internal controls easy to manage. That said, the electronics are proprietary; you won’t have an Apple or Android hookup to work with.

Internally, the vehicle feels like a high-end luxury car with dark color interior, often including leader in the trim packages above the basic SV, and a lot more chrome on the outside to sparkle and gleam with. The driver manages everything with an array of controls and buttons, but with a bit of practice the entire portfolio of settings becomes second-hand. The dashboard may seem extremely busy, but it doesn’t take up any usable space, leaving plenty of room for your legs. And tall drivers and passengers are really going to enjoy the set-up, sitting comfortably without feeling pinched or cramped.

Performance-wise the Armada moves to 60 mph in approximately 7 seconds, which is pretty darn amazing given folks are moving 6,000 lbs of vehicle on four wheels doing so. So, obviously, drivers should operate the Armada responsibly. The computer-controlled all-wheel drive shifts from wheel to wheel, ensuring traction even in the wettest of conditions. This design controls dipping during turns as the suspension compensates and evens out the ride.

The 2019 Armada is clearly built on tried and true formulas from Nissan, and it has never been the forefront breakthrough vehicle in its class constantly trying new things. Instead, Nissan focuses on what works, which is why the Armadahas lasted so long as a successful SUV model.