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Getting Your Ride Ready for Winter in Nashville, TN

Tennessee might be considered a southern state, but that doesn't mean that the Nashville area avoids winter storms and freezing temperatures. The folks at Murfreesboro Nissan want you to stay safe and warm in your car this winter and offer these simple tips to get your Nissan winterized before the flakes start to fly.

  • Select All-Season or Snow Tires: If you run summer or performance tires on your 370Z or GT-R, now is a good time to swap them out for an all-season or snow tire with the extra tread slippery roads demand. Check the tread wear on your daily driver, too.
  • Check and Change Out the Wiper Blades: Keep your view clear even during snow squalls by visiting our service department and have a new set of wiper blades installed. That will get rid of streaks, too.
  • Add De-Icer Windshield Wash Fluid: If it seems like it takes forever to scrape off the frost, add a de-icer washer fluid to your reservoir. Just hit a button and watch the ice melt away.
  • Test Out the Heat: There is nothing so miserable as driving through the mountains and shivering in your seat. Make sure your heat and the heated seats are doing their thing and have them repaired before suffering through a long, cold drive.
  • Stock the Emergency Kit: Accidents do happen. Check the bag in the trunk and make sure it still has your jack, tire wrench, fix-a-flat, and air compressor. It is always smart to have some flares, a flashlight, small tool kit, blanket, and shovel, too. A sack of kitty litter provides extra weight in the back and is great for extra traction over ice.
  • Update Your Roadside Assistance: Did your roadside assistance service expire over the summer? Renew it and rest assured that when you get stranded in a snowbank, help is on its way with a simple phone call. Add the 1-800 number to your contact list, too. 
  • Check the Battery and Coolant Levels: Having good tires does nothing if the engine won't turn over. A visit to the service center at Murfreesboro Nissan allows our technicians to check the power left in your aging battery and top off the antifreeze in the radiator. We can replace a battery ready to give up the ghost before you get stuck in a dark and empty parking lot.
  • Don't Forget Your Routine Maintenance: When you bring your Nissan in for its usual oil change, have the belts and brakes inspected for added wear. Freezing temperatures put extra stress on aging parts and can result in a failure when it is least convenient.

No matter if you are driving a front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive sedan or SUV, these quick tips will have you ready to keep moving, even when the weather is downright miserable.  Get your Nissan Pathfinder, Nissan Rogue, or Titan ready for the cold weather and schedule your winterizing service by giving the Service Center at Murfreesboro Nissan a call at (615) 893-0252 today.